Free Salters Dog Food Samples | Pet Food Sample

Salters are giving away free dog food samples from their high quality range of pet foods that are wholesome, pure, and completely natural.

Click here to claim free samples

Salters only use the most wholesome, pure and natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours in its pet food range. It’s the only veterinary formulated dog food to contain extra virgin olive oil, and the chicken and rice they use is normally destined for human consumption. Every single natural ingredient is carefully selected by hand to ensure only the best quality ingredients go into their dog food.

They know how it is – it looks good, it sounds good… but will your dog really like Salters? Don’t worry – we understand. That’s why, in addition to their Promise and Guarantee they encourage you to let your dog take our “Taste Test”.

So go on order a one of their free dog food samples, and they’ll deliver it to your door free of charge. Woof woof freebiers!

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