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Free Lego Mini Models (Monthly Build Giveaway)

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Lego are giving away freebie mini models at their stores across the UK, with an awesome new model up for grabs every month all year round.

Simply pop into your nearest Lego store this May and they’ll let you build your very own mini hedgehog (if I’m wrong let me know, but I think that’s what it looks like!).

Lego have been giving away these freebies at their stores all the way back since 2009, and you can pop in every single month if you like, and amass yourself quite a collection. High five freebiers!

free lego toys

Editor's Rating

Awesome freebie that'll get you Lego toys for zilch every single month of the year, and anyone can get them... yes adults love Lego too!
Simplicity of Giveaway 7.0
Value of Freebies 5.0
Amount on Offer 10.0
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